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Soap Wash Bags - crafted for a luxurious lathering experience!

🌼 Soft to the Touch: Gentle on skin, ensuring a pampering cleanse every time.

🌿 Customizable Fragrance: Spotted a specific scent you're itching to try? Just let us know! Otherwise, enjoy the thrill of a mystery fragrance. Note: Sizes, styles, and colors are random regardless of fragrance choice.

🌟 Authentically Imperfect: These pieces might have a quirky look, but they guarantee a top-notch bath! Embrace their unique charm, knowing they work wonders.

🎁 Purchase Options:

  • The Complete Kit: Includes 1 Soap Wash Bag + 1oz of our signature soap. Only $6.
  • Solo Soap Wash Bag: Dive into the unexpected for just $5.
  • Soap Refill: Replenish your stash for $3.

Dive into a refreshing bath experience with Freedom Gnomestead's curated soap essentials. Order now and appreciate the beauty in imperfection!


How to Use Freedom Gnomestead Soap Bags:

  • Open the Bag: Gently open your Soap Wash Bag.
  • Insert Soap: Place your selected soap (either a specific fragrance or fragrance-free) inside the bag.
  • Secure the Bag: Tighten or close the opening to ensure the soap remains inside while using.
  • Lather Up: Wet the soap bag and rub between your hands or on your body. The bag will help produce a rich lather while also exfoliating your skin.
  • Rinse & Hang: After use, rinse the soap and bag with clean water. Hang the soap bag in a dry place to ensure the soap dries out between uses, prolonging its life.
  • Enjoy!: Relish in the luxurious and eco-friendly bath experience you've created.

Tip: The bag not only helps in creating a lush lather but also efficiently uses every bit of the soap, ensuring minimal wastage.

Soap Wash Bags

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